Website Design packages

We have three different entrance points for our web design packages. If you’re not sure which you fall into, we can discuss your requirements and help you make the best choice for your business.

Whichever package is right for you there are some important basics that come as standard when you choose us to build your site.

This is because in our experience there are some core elements that are fundamental to running a successful, high performing site. These elements are what we refer to as our minimum standards.

Minimum Standards

Our minimum standards are the foundations of your site and have been developed by us over the last 10 years to ensure that our clients get the very best experience from their websites. This is the absolute minimum we think a new website deserves – for more information about what we then layer on top depending on the package please see below.

We build beautiful but functional sites, using creative techniques to highlight key information and choosing colour and font combinations that make sense. We also have one eye on he sort of conventions that Google thinks are user friendly.

We make it ultra easy for people to find what they are looking for, using an intuitive information flow and logical layout.

If you can use basic word processing software you’ll find it a breeze. You can edit and add pages quickly and easily, or just leave it to us. It really is that flexible. If you want to do it yourself we’ll give you training when we hand over.

Our sites are designed to look great across a wide variety of platforms, be it a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

You will have the ability to add a whole raft of extra functionality or easily change design as you expand i.e. add a shop, membership element, booking system etc. 

Do you want to be found on Google by your prospective customers? We give you the ability to easily add the information that will help you rank better in the search engines.

We provide private hosting with a huge range of tools. If you want a fast website you need fast hosting, our platform also gives you lots of tools to help make your site run smoothly and perform well.

We provide top level security to help guard against your site being taken down by hackers

We are always here to help whenever you need us.

We follow best practice ensuring any existing SEO is transferred to the new site.

*Growing and Aspirational only

Your first year’s hosting and maintenance is included in your package. This includes uptime tracking, so that we know instantly should your site ever go down, and a monthly report advising on speed, performance and visitor numbers.

*Growing and Aspirational only

Web design packages

Building on our minimum standards we have three different solutions that are tailored to your current situation.


Primarily for startups or businesses in their infancy who want a stable flexible platform that will perform well and grow with their business as it becomes more successful.

This could be your first website or it might be replacing a build your own that has done its job, but now needs to be upgraded to something that is easier to edit with more under the bonnet.
  • Nail the basics: A beautiful, fast, effective website including all of the features listed in our minimum standards commitment
  • Plug and Play: Designed, built and populated by us. This includes all your copy unless this is something you would rather do yourself
Also includes our minimum standards commitment.

The flexible nature, solid platform, premium hosting and easy to adapt design that we provide, means that as your business grows your website can grow with you. In addition we do all the heavy lifting, prepping your images and creating your copy, leaving you free to focus on your business.


For businesses who have some years under their belt and need a good looking, effective, research backed site that will help them to expand in their industry.

You may have a site but it’s not portraying you as you want to be seen and you feel it is beginning to hold you back. You may have been proud when you first launched it, but technology and design trends have moved on and it represents as you were and not as you want to be seen now.

Equally you may not currently have a site but be at a point where you want to invest more in telling your story and firming up your brand. ​

    • Your site tailored to your ideal customer. Design, content and information flow aligned to your unique business, with an initial discovery call to identify business and branding objectives
    • Research led approach. Industry research to inform the positioning, site design and build
Also includes our minimum standards commitment.

This is more than refreshing your website. Everything in this package is about making you super competitive in your industry and geared toward helping your growing business expand. We get uber clear about your offering and then package it in a way that will appeal to your customer base.


For businesses with high value clients, competing in new or competitive markets who need to really stand out from the crowd and be instantly relevant to clients.

Your business is now in great shape but your website no longer reflects your position in the market, what you stand for or the quality of the work that you do. It needs to tell your story not only in words but through branding, design and information structure.

Your situation requires a site that is underpinned by a thoroughly researched brand strategy, that stems from a deep understanding of your business and the industry you’re competing in.

  • Standout. We develop a brand strategy from gaining a deep understanding of you, your business, your industry, your competitors and your aspirations. This informs every decision taken in the development of your site so that it is tailored entirely to your ideal customer and positions you as an industry leader.
Also includes our minimum standards commitment.

This package is designed to position you as an industry leader. All messaging and visuals will be carefully crafted to make your brand sing and capture the very essence of your business, resulting in a site that is 100% targeted to your ideal visitor.

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